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Aluminum Roofing in Auburndale

Let’s face it; if you have a problem with your roof, your entire home or business has a problem. And while we are not in the business of creating hierarchies of the various components that make up a home or business, there is little doubt that, if we were to, the roof would be at the very top of this list. To put it simply; without a solid roof on your Auburndale home or business you are going nowhere fast. So, whether you are looking to install a new aluminum roof in your family home or considering replacing the aging roof at your place of work then you need to speak to the roofing experts you can trust today.

At Graham Aluminum and Home Improvements we provide Auburndale residents and business-owners with a premier and unrivalled aluminum roofing service that is both long-lasting and cost-effective. Our skilled team of aluminum roofers has years of combined experience fitting and repairing all types of roofs in Auburndale area and our efficient installation times and affordable rates mean that we will not be beaten when it comes to delivering the total roofing package.

What are the Advantages to an Aluminum Roof?

This is a question that we receive on a regular basis from our Auburndale customers and one that we have no problem answering.

In brief, there are many advantages, and a number of drawbacks, to installing an aluminum roof over a slate or asphalt option. For instance, aluminum roofs are a great addition to flat or extremely steep roofs. However, they may not be nearly as effect with a shingle roof or a more traditional gentle sloping design. That being said, aluminum roofing can add value to almost every type home or business. Two of its main selling points include:

  • Extreme longevity and durability: Like homeowners and businesses across the country, the most common question we receive from Auburndale customers is with regards to the length of time that the roof will last. That is completely understandable. A new roof is a big investment and can cause a certain degree of upheaval during the installation process. It therefore stands to reason that you will want an option that will need as little maintenance as possible. With an aluminum roof, you are guaranteed longevity and durability. On average aluminum roofs last between fifty and sixty years, this compares with asphalt roofing that generally needs to be replaced after 15. Aluminum roofs can also withstand strong winds and are extremely resilient.
  • Energy Saving Potential: For those who want to reduce energy costs, there is no doubt about it; aluminum is the option for you. Its metallic composition means that it reflects solar energy thereby reducing back on cooling costs in the warm Auburndale summers. In addition, with aluminum you can rest assured that it will not combust should it hit be hit by lightning.

If you are in the Auburndale area and looking to speak to a professional about aluminum roofing, don’t be shy to give us a call today.

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