Vinyl Siding in Winter Haven

Many people are under the impression that installing siding to their home has no purpose besides matching the cosmetic and personal tastes of the homeowner. This is a misconception. Second only to the roof above your head, your home needs siding covering the exterior walls to protect it from the elements while still boosting its curb appeal.

And when you are in the market for adding siding to your Winter Haven home, vinyl siding gives your home the attractive look of freshly-painted wood that still looks as fresh as the day it was installed. There are a number of colors, textures and styles to match your personal style.

For a cost-effective, low-maintenance and beautiful vinyl siding that is guaranteed to last, get in touch with Graham Aluminum and Home Improvements. Since 1999, we have been providing Winter Haven residents with the best service in all their home improvement projects by always staying on top of the latest industry techniques and service with unmatched courtesy.

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Benefits of Vinyl Siding

Siding has two primary functions for your home. The first is to protect your home from deteriorating in the face of rain and sunlight. Proper installation of this barrier is essential if you want to preserve the integrity of your home. The second function is design. No one wants to live in a home that they can’t stand to look at. Vinyl siding does both exceptionally well, but there are even more reasons to choose this type of material over the alternatives. These include:

Low Maintenance

Caring for vinyl siding is much simpler than cement or wood. There is no need to scrape or reapply paint when you choose to side your house with vinyl. Nor will you need to caulk the joints. The only maintenance you will be required to give the vinyl siding of your home is a nice wash with a regular house when it starts to get a bit gritty over time.


Unlike wood or a wood-based product, vinyl siding is not porous and doesn't succumb to things like rot or infestation. Depending on how thick it is and whether it has an insulation backing, its flexible nature allows it to absorb impact better than malleable siding materials, giving it a longer lifespan than the alternatives.


There’s a wide variety of colors and styles available, with many different designs from the various manufacturers to choose from in order to suit your taste.


Compared to brick, stone or wood sidings, vinyl siding is the most inexpensive type of siding to install and maintain, because it needs almost no maintenance. So, if you don’t want to break the bank, vinyl is a solid option for your home.

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